Christmas 2017

For many weeks before the 21st December the students were rehearsing their carols and speeches before the big day. Residents nearby must have been royally entertained by those early morning practices. Come the day, costumes and voices at the ready, there were parents, friends and local officials in the audience, ready to join in the traditional Christmas celebrations.

Local charities benefit, the students enjoy presenting their best efforts and parents and guardians get a glimpse of their children’s talents. From the tiny Spanish boys and girls to the more mature students, everybody contributed to a wonderful evening, hosted, of course, by John himself, who climaxed the event with his powerful version of ‘I Believe.’

If anybody needed reminding, attending school is not simply a matter of passing exams, important though that is, but is a valuable opportunity to develop non-academic talents, contribute to the local community, and to grow in confidence by performing in public.

A brilliant, moving evening which, whatever their age, the students demonstrated a high level of ability, commitment and enthusiasm which gave all who witnessed it, a powerful introduction to the Christmas festivities.