Subjects Available


Every teacher remembers the spark of inspiration that got them into the subject in the first place. But sometimes the pressure to deliver great exam results makes it hard to keep the spark alive. We want to help you inspire the next generation.


Our range of courses caters for students of different abilities. With flexible routes through our maths qualifications, you have the freedom to plan a maths journey for each student, whatever their learning style, ability or aspirations.


AQA’s GCSE and AS and A-level specifications provide a broad understanding of the culture, countries and communities where modern languages are spoken and encourage enjoyment of language learning.


Our History qualifications offer schools, colleges and students the opportunity to study a range of periods from history in a variety of ways – from both national and international perspectives.


Studying Geography gives students the opportunity to travel the world via the classroom, learning about both natural and social sciences along the way.  We take great care to make sure our specifications for our Geography students are as exciting and engaging to learn, as they are for you to teach.


Our science courses combine relevant, inspiring content.

With a wide range of science qualifications, we can provide choice and flexibility to suit students of different abilities and aptitudes, we support all students from those who want to understand the basics, through to those who want to follow a career in science or follow a higher education science course.


Students develop knowledge and understanding about society and how sociologists study. Specifications will help students understand society’s structures, processes and issues. Sociology is exciting, interesting and relevant to students’ lives.

Religious Studies

Our specifications provide a broad understanding of the beliefs and practices of the faiths studied, as well as promoting religious literacy and the contemplation of ultimate questions.

Students will be able to reflect on and develop their own values, beliefs and attitudes in light of what they have learnt.There will be a range of relevant and contemporary themes to study that will promote awareness of modern-world issues and engagement within the classroom.


We’ve listened to you and built on our experience and expertise in assessment to create a stimulating and contemporary course. Our new GCSE features varied assessment, many topics you’ll recognise from our current qualification, and engaging themes that will interest students and raise their awareness of topical issues.


We understand that many students feel that maths is ‘not for them’ but we believe that maths is for everyone. So, by putting students at the heart of everything we do, our aim is to support teachers to shape what success in maths looks like for every student.

Citizenship Studies

Citizenship Studies prepares students to become active citizens of democracy. The Citizenship Studies specifications allow students to apply their learning to real-life scenarios on both a local and global scale.

Art and Design

Art and Design courses are flexible and stimulate creativity, offering a high degree of choice and a range of different media, processes and techniques. All our courses give students the opportunity to produce a portfolio of work that they can show to prospective employers or use to help secure a place in higher education.

Level 1/2 IT

Level 1/2 Award IT is designed around the two occupational areas in which research has shown the greatest skills gaps:

  • creative (interactive entertainment products and websites)
  • data management (spreadsheets and databases).

Learners will have the opportunity to put their knowledge into practice through a combination of real-life case studies, practical tasks and theoretical study.  Although this qualification won’t be included in performance tables for 2019, we’re offering these Level 1/2 Awards to schools and colleges as we believe they are valuable qualifications for practical learners.


We’ve kept as much emphasis as possible on the practical, so our students have every opportunity to take part in a performance. Students can study as a performer, or a designer, or both. For design, they can specialise in lighting, sound, set, costume and puppets.

Our specification is diverse, practical and accessible to students of all abilities, and provides opportunities for teachers and students who may have studied Performing Arts rather than Drama in the past.


Details to follow ………