Equpment required for students

Here is a list of equipment for each student. Lats year I ordered for the students if you wish I will place an order in the local book shop as soon as possible. The total cost last year was 75.00 euro per set, I hope it has not increased in price to much .

All students will need this equipment for next year. The USB sticks we propose to keep here in the centre so that students can save their work to them as we have installed new programmes on the computers which clean the computers every day. Therefore students cannot save to computers anymore. If students wish to work at home on material they can save the material and send it to themselves in an email

Arch Folder with box

Academic diary agenda

USB—16 G.B. Kingston

Colour dividers—10 colores Esselte

Mathematical set, protractor,right angle triangle etc—Aprox. 25cm, marca Safta

Compass with security lock, marca Faibo

Sketch pad for art A4, 100 pages, marca Guarro-Canson

Mathematical paper— 90gr., marca Tauro, 100 pages

Lined A4 paper, 90gr., marca Tauro, 500 pages

Calculadora científica—Calculadora científica Casio, 240 functions.

You can buy them locally yourselves if you prefer.

For those who would like me to order them can you confirm how many sets you need.

Un saludo,