Registration form AQA, GCSE and A Level

Registration form required to be completed:

Name of student. Nombre del alumno. ___________________________
Date of birth. Fecha de nacimiento ___DNI/NIF/Pasaporte___________
Parents’ names. Nombre de los padres/tutores. _____________________
Address.Direcion. ___________________________________________
____________________________________________Codigo postal___
E -mail______________________________________Mobile.Movil.__
Allergies. Alergias_______________________________________________________

Terms and conditions must be accepted and signed.
⦁ The contracted payments,10 months excluding July and August, on the first of every month
⦁ A non-refundable registration fee of 250 euro for new students KS2-3, GCSE and A Level
⦁ If it is decided to drop a subject after the mocks there is no reduction in fees.
⦁ Mobile phones must be deposited in the staff room at your own risk, they are not permitted in the class room during lessons. They may be used during break.
⦁ Dress code, academy polo with top. Black skirt, trousers or shorts.
⦁ I agree to my child taking part in the outdoor activity sessions being organised by the academy. Whilst out of the academy your child will be under supervision of a member of staff.
⦁ Students will be advised whether or not to enter relevant GCSE and AS/A examinations soon after the mocks which are sat before Christmas every year. Staff assessments on students’ ability to achieve a worthwhile grade will be communicated to student and parents/carers but if there is a disparity of opinion and the latter are keen for an entry to take place then the Centre will honour that view, provided a parental signature is provided on the exam entry form. Entry fees need to be paid by the stated deadline and no refund is available
⦁ All policies are available on Web page ⦁
⦁ I invite you to read the following policies on our website, Examinations, Data Protection, Child Protection and Behaviour and Discipline policies (including the previously student-driven ‘ladder’ of consequences).
⦁ In addition, parents need to know that, in the Spanish education system, a pupil is able to absent themselves for three days without action being taken but any further days away might involve official intervention. 

I accept and agree the policies and the terms. Signed/Firmado._____________

A Level options.

Business Studies Economics English Language
Geography History Mathematics
Religious Studies Sociology Spanish

GCSE’s available

Art &Design Business Studies Citizenship
Drama Economics English Language
Geography History Mathematics
Religious Studies Science Biology Sociology
Spanish Statistics

Private lessons €25.

*Exam Entry Fees 220 euro GCSE &AS. 280 euro A Level *

Note* If as a result of Brexit the exam board or tax authorities impose a tariff this tariff will have to be added to examination fees.

Monthly Fee. €