Academy Aims

A partnership of pupils, parents and staff working together for:

·         self improvement

·         academic achievement

·         equality of opportunity

·         raising expectations

·         evolving technological skills

·         development of personal skills

To enable us to get the very best from our young people we will provide:

a pleasant learning environment in which a stimulating, accessible and appropriate curriculum can be delivered.

·         supportive, secure care for individual pupils. 

·         resources and facilities which enhance advanced technological practice.

·         tuition for a range of British examinations following AQA syllabi to encourage academic achievement.

·         information for parent(s) about academic progress and general welfare through meeting staff by appointment.

·         a range of enrichment activities and support beyond the normal school day to enhance pupil achievement e.g.  Our special association with Hamkam CF football club, learning support and revision classes

We expect parent(s) to ensure that:

·         pupils attend regularly.

.         pupils have the required textbooks

·         pupils have appropriate equipment, such as pens, pencils, ruler, eraser, calculator and a suitable bag.

·         pupils arrive at the Academy by 8.45 am each morning, but if unable to attend, parents/carers to inform staff as soon as is practicable.

·         pupils attempt homework to the best of their ability.

·         they are able to attend parents’ evenings.

We expect pupils to:

·         behave well in the Academy and show respect to others (our premises are within a residential block with shared access)

·         arrive on time each day, attend regularly and bring all the necessary equipment.

·         complete all homework set to the best of their ability.

·         obey the Academy rules.

·         work hard in lessons.

·         revise thoroughly for all tests and examinations.