Why Choose Us ?

If you are reading this you are looking for a place to learn. 
We invite you to make an appointment and please do come in and chat with us.  You can get a much better impression by meeting the teaching staff and seeing the environment in which they work, thus getting a “feel” for both the people and the place.  All educational centres reckon they are the best in what they do!  We at The O’Brien Language Centre love to teach and we derive great satisfaction in watching a student’s eyes light up when they gain the understanding and we metaphorically see “the penny drop”.  
The staff at the centre work hard and we expect a good work ethic from all of our students – whatever age they are and whatever level they possess!

Your Progress.

Our students’ progress is continuously monitored through weekly staff meetings between the teachers and the academic administrative staff, thus ensuring that they receive the correct level of instruction at all times.We encourage students to discuss their programme with the director and their teachers, with special tutor hours scheduled during the week .