Jasmine Stevens feeling proud with Sabrina Patiño. August 2021.

“I have achieved grades that I never thought I would ever be able to achieve, and I feel like so many of us have exceeded our own expectations of ourselves.” Almost three months ago, I was asked if I would be interested in writing a speech and delivering it at my graduation night, and I said yes. The above quote comes from that speech, and it really is so true.

When I started in year 12, I never, ever thought I would be able to achieve Bs in all my subjects – but when I opened that envelope this morning, that was exactly what I found written on the paper. Bs in every single subject!!!! I just want to say the biggest thank you to all of the teachers at The O’Brien International School & College. , but most of all John O Brien, Sabrina Patiño and Derek Raishbrook , for helping me achieve these grades, for constantly supporting me and helping me to achieve my full potential and for believing in me (much more than I believed in myself!!) and believing that I could do it.

Without this support and belief I don’t think I would ever have achieved the results I did. Thank you also to my family for being so supportive and for believing in me – and the biggest congratulations are in order for all of the students at the school that received results today. I am so proud of you all and I hope that you got the grades that you wanted and needed for your next step in life!! These last two years haven’t been easy at all – especially the last eighteen months, what with Covid – but we made it through even when it felt impossible. I truly did exceed my own expectations of myself, even though I doubted myself many times over the two years. But I really worked hard and I surprised myself and today, I walked out of school with a huge smile on my face, proud tears in my eyes, and the knowledge that I worked so, so hard even in the most difficult of times and it all paid off. Here’s to the class of ‘21!!!

Poppy Keates August 2021.

Thankyou to all the staff at The O’Brien International School & College. I achieved a B in my business studies A level! Thankyou to Catherine Rawlins Kate Hickling my business teacher, I wouldn’t have been able to have done it with out you

Taylor Jennings 2021.

Thank you John and the rest of the teachers for all your hard work to get us the results we wanted it is greatly appreciated. I hope to see you at some point in the future, maybe at the Christmas concert to collect the official certificates !!

Jasmine June 2021

Thank you so, so much for all that you have done for me over the last two years. Thank you for the interesting and fun A Level classes, even if we did all complain about having to do the research projects. The hard work that you and the team have put in, to get each and everyone of us through a very difficult and uncertain year is so, so appreciated.

I thank you for all your support and encouragement. Since I first started in the school, I have gained a lot of self confidence and have proved to myself that I can do things I never thought I could. I have honestly loved my time here and I will really miss the school. Once again I want to thank you so much for everything!!

Rose June 2021.

I am leaving now Derek, but I want to sat thank you for your support throughout my time at the centre and for making school really enjoyable. Have a great summer and I will see you in November.

Dec 18, 2020  · Poppy

Thank you John O Brien and the rest of the staff at my school for getting me through my exams and putting on a great show tonight for the Christmas performance , I really did enjoy myself. It has been the best show yet and will be hard to top next year! 🎄

My daughter studied Spanish at the O’Brien Centre and achieved an A* in her exam at the age of 12 just as I had done some time ago.  She was extremely happy with her result and intends to continue into AS Spanish.  I would like to thank Sabrina for her tireless efforts and support throughout the time that Libby attended the centre.  I would also like to thank John for providing her with an individual timetable which fitted in with her other commitments. Not only did she achieve an excellent academic grade but she also made friends who she is in contact with to this day.  A fantastic experience! DEAN SMYTH

Thank you Brett. I am lucky to count myself a member of the team at our centre. We do our best to educate. Have a good weekend you too. I just wanted to say I think the research work you ask the students to carry out is fantastic and demonstrates that your centre really is focused on children being educated, not just a ‘run of the mill’, let’s pass exams. I ‘proof read’ Kaitlyns work last night, to help her out and I was fascinated by the content and actually learnt things myself, I found it thoroughly interesting and found myself questioning myself as well. See, you’re even helping to educate the parents! Have a lovely weekend and thank you


The O’Brien Language Centre.


Lisa Middlebrook.

Final summer exam completed for Esmé this morning, Saffy’s final one was last Monday. They’ve both worked extremely hard over the last 15 weeks whilst living the lockdown life, surreal circumstances but school has done an outstanding job in delivering the school timetable via Facebook live and creating Facebook rooms, this has meant our routine hasn’t changed that much apart from Paul having to share his workspace lol. I’d actually say the girls have worked far harder during these weeks than they would if they were actually sat in a classroom as there’s no distractions, some days Ez was still sat there an hour after her school day had finished. Dead proud of you girls and I sooooo know you’re ready for your summer break, bring on Tuesday when School’s out for summer…… think there’s a song that goes something like that 🤣🤣

24 May 2020. Hi John hope u are well! Just thought I would let you know I was accepted to college today for social sciences – sociology, geography, psychology, politics and history, Including research methods! I just hope you can share this with other student that i fought your research methods and didn’t feel I would need them and now I am so glad we did them as they will help me so much! Enhorabuena, Kelsey.

Thanks for everything you have done for them whilst they were learning with you. Best of luck we really appreciate everything you have done for both the girls, we would urge people to attend your school as you really care about your students Faith and Michael.

Phil 2017.  First class degree.

Really enjoyed my first couple of days as a research assistant, today involved creating a short animated video. Creating new contacts and reading current research on a topic that you are extremely passionate about helps the quality of your work go through the roof. Learning how to use new software has helped to increase my future employability and new contacts open the door to more opportunities in the future.

Morgan O’Toole 2016.

Hello John, hope your summers going well so far, I would just like to send you a message as I’ve been thinking a lot lately and I really appreciate how much you have taught me, the O’Brien Language Centre hasn’t only changed my learning skills it’s changed me as a person and I am so grateful.  The ICT lessons I got have proven very very helpful and with the help of you and Derek and Kim I have become a well organised individual, miss you all very much.  Thank you so much x

Alfie Powell 2016.

Hi, John I hope all is going well at the college, I just wanted to say that I remember those research method classes and I have actually come to realise how much they help, honestly I am ahead in most of my lessons because of it, especially in Sociology and PE. So if like any of your students think they are useless you may be able to let them know how valuable they really are.

Amber Thomson 2016.

Hi Derek, I just wanted to start off with saying thank you firstly for everything you’ve done for me in the past two years. You are definitely my favourite teacher without a doubt. I miss class so much. Thank you so much for helping me with everything in every lesson if it wasn’t for being such a great teacher I would have most likely left within the first year so I am very grateful that you helped me and supported not just myself but everyone in the class we have so much gratitude towards you. I still do not understand anything about geography but I suppose I can make up for this with my maths and English skills.

Hi John, I just wanted to tell you I am doing very well in Milan, everything is amazing here but most of all I have just been offered a job as an English teacher for young Italian children wanting to learn English. I had to put together an essay or as you like to call it a project. I know I complained every Monday morning about how useless and boring projects were but after those 2 years of fighting not to do them it has really come in handy for this new job. I just wanted to say how grateful I am to you, Derek and Kim for everything you have done for me, my grades in General studies, English and Sociology were what got me the interview. I also want to thank you for always supporting everything I did and helping me through some of the most difficult times I had. It really raised my confidence in everything I really can’t express how grateful I am for everything and your college, I miss you all so much and I hope I’ll be able to come back and very you all very soon xx 

Guðrið Patursson 2016.

Hello Mr. O’Brien! Long time no see!  I just wanted to inform you, that I’ve had a geography exam at college here in the Faroes Islands, and I got the highest score (which is 12 in our scale)!! I’ve remembered your reference throughout the year, and it has really motivated me. I was very unlucky to get a rather awful geography teacher, so it wasn’t as enjoyable as when I had the subject with you. But because of that, I’m extra happy with my results! Thank you for giving me a good base on my understanding and interest of geography.
Maggie Mahony  January 2016.

John you have worked wonders for Katy Mahony, she has come so far and now has a choice of three prestigious universities in England, thank so much.

Pedro Pablo Miralles Quiles  The school is fantastic, also it’s worth the visit because the staff is really outstanding